The Warehouse



The Client

The Warehouse is an independent grill restaurant serving the best burger in Essex. It underwent a refurbishment from 2009 to 2010 and re-launched in September 2010 under new management.

The Challenge

In conjunction with the re-launch of the restaurant, The Warehouse wanted a renewed online presence which would do justice to the delicious and freshly prepared food they offer.

Additionally, they wanted to give the website user the same type of experience which they would receive inside the restaurant- lively yet relaxed atmosphere.

The Warehouse also wanted to send a different message to its customers every day and connect with them as much as possible through social media.

The Solution

In response to The Warehouse’s needs, 7Gate set out to build a dynamic and customer focused website incorporating the colours and atmosphere experienced in the restaurant. As the Warehouse wanted to add messages every day in order to promote occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, we trained the staff to update or change the website in a simple manor.


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