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The Client

Democracy2015 is the brainchild of The Independent Newspaper, a national British morning paper, published in London by Independent Print Limited. In July 2012, the newspaper had an average daily circulation of 83,619.

Democracy2015 is a movement with an aim to revolutionise the way contemporary politics is being run today. Democracy 2015 seeks to set its own political party and agenda moving away from career politicians and dishonesty, focusing on public participation in policy making and honest politics.

The Challenge

Democracy2015 wants to enter the political arena in the 2015 elections with the vision to produce a carefully planned programme of government, combined with the leadership of competent individuals in order to transform the current face of British politics.

With such a large and broad target audience, the Independent thought it useful to create a new medium for Democracy2015. Our strategy is to produce an online branding campaign for Democracy2015 in order to reach as many people as possible who are interested in joining this cause.

We are working closely with the founder of the Independent ensuring at every stage of the project, their vision is being represented.

The Solution

Adhering to the guidelines The Independent have set out, as well as ensuring consistency with the values and beliefs of the Democracy2015 movement, our creative team set out to develop a strong online presence. By utilising a simple and yet informative website, Democracy 2015 can inform all potential candidates about its party and gradually build awareness up to the 2015 elections.


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