Genuine Dining



The Client

Genuine Dining is a catering business with over 40 restaurants across the UK

Recently backed by Pizza Express founder, Luke Johnson, the company has grown from strength to strength. In the last year, Genuine restaurants were set up at ASOS, RAC, Eurostar and the National Archives. Managing director, Chris Mitchell has extensive hospitality experience and is committed to making the company a success in the areas that he has a passion for.

The Challenge

Within the last 10 years, the hospitality industry has narrowed its focus on sourcing sustainably and holding up professional ethics. Genuine Dining came to us to improve on their brand image as the ‘Genuine food company’. We have helped them do this through a completely revised digital strategy.

Facing much competition from high street chains, connecting with their customers in alternative ways is extremely important to Genuine Dining and the important of a strong mobile strategy became apparent.

The Solution

7Gate re-designed the Genuine Dining website from the ground up maintaining the ‘Genuine food company’ image required to cement their growing reputation. The site now properly reflects this, with a down to earth look, drawing away from the technology it is built in and simply connecting the user to the Genuine Dining experience.

Furthermore, we commissioned a professional food photographer to accompany Chris on a farm visit and built up a collection of top-end high resolution images for use across their brand materials. To encourage users to engage with the Genuine Dining brand in new ways, 7Gate built a mobile-web application to allow customers to order food right from their office chair. The application (built on an secure and well maintained PHP framework) has many features, including user authentication, complex ordering + user generated menu functionality, PayPal payment system to finalise orders and an admin panel which allows Genuine Dining managers to track their orders and check where the majority are coming from.


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