Digital and Physical Marketing for Affordable Gym Chains

7Gate Design House has successfully managed and launched the first gym of the NRG Health and Fitness chain, starting in Gravesend Kent and growing across South East London and Essex.

What did we do?

Our digital and physical marketing strategy to launch NRG health and fitness in Gravesend:

The result of our marketing efforts

The amount we put into the launch of the first NRG health and fitness gym meant that we expected a decent response. What we got back however was unexpected. Our targets before launch were an ambitious 500 sign ups (without a functioning gym to speak of). What we achieved, was more than double at 1100 pre opening members at NRG health and fitness gym Gravesend. The trust we generated around the launch and in the local area was paramount to this success and an accolade to strength of the team that we arranged.

Reaching 1100 sign ups, without a finished gym site and within 6 weeks was fantastic result for our digital and physical marketing effort. It has given NRG health and fitness gyms the opportunity to grow much faster than they anticpated and the confidence to repeat the success of the first opening. The only question left is,

What could we do for you?


What can we do for you?

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